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This toothbrush has three sides which clean the teeth front, back and occlusal surface all at the same time!


Toothbrush Overview:

3-sided toothbrush guides cleaning and encourages independence.

Gently stimulates and massages the gums.

Fast, easy, and effective cleaning.

Virtually no wrong way to brush your teeth with the brush.

Gets all 3 sides of the teeth clean without struggle.

Reduces plaque and gum disease


Other recommendations to make toothbrushing more enjoyable for your little one

– Colgate, Pepper pig toothpaste (bubble fruit flavour) is highly recommended by a lot of ASD parents. Switching toothbrushes and toothpastes was a game changer for us.

– The Pokémon smile app – I haven’t tried this one myself but a lot of people recommended it to me when we were having trouble at our house. 


Make toothbrushing as comfortable and fun as possible.



Contact me to arrange a time if you’d like to come and collect anything, you’re more than welcome! (I live in Brooklyn, Wellington).  Best times for pick-ups are before 2pm, or after 4pm on weekdays (though times can differ in the school holidays)

Soft, sensory 3-sided toothbrush (green) – kid’s size

coming soon
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