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These adorably realistic dolls encourage children to practice empathy and role-playing, and can help with the development of emotional intelligence and storytelling skills. 


Because these dolls are lifelike, they are often used as therapy toys. They can be used to help sooth children with big emotions,  can comfort patients with Alzheimer’s, and are often used by people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. They're also a great gift for children who are trying to process the addition of a new baby in their home.


Doll size: 50cm


Weight: the net weight of the doll is around 1.2kg


Material and structure:

soft cloth body, with vinyl head, arms and legs.


Eyes: high quality clear acrylic eyes (eyes can not blink)


Clothing: This cutie comes sporting a pink jumpsuit, white stockings and a nappie. (You can also change their clothes, as Preemie baby clothes size fits the doll!)


This baby comes with a couple of accessories, such as a pacifier a bottle.


Note: normally these types of dolls come with 'birth certificates' but our ones ones don't (We care about the inclusion gender minorities and the birth certificates tend to be very gender binary, plus they get damaged in the mail).


Lifelike Baby Doll 50CM

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