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This sensory swing is made out of parachute material, it can be used as a hammock or a swing and holds up to 181kg - Please read safety instructions in the item description area before purchasing.Description


Swinging can be enjoyed by people of all ages, the gentle sway reminds us of being rocked.

Swings and hammocks are great for people who have Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, or those on the autism spectrum. The parachute swing helps people learn body awareness, balance, motor skills, and spatial awareness. It creates a fun space to, swing, spin, or lie down enjoying the movement of the swing.



The portable hammock/swing is made of 210D Nylon Taffeta material, and the hardware and the accessories provided are durable, with a max load-bearing capacity of up to 181kg

The swing can be set up within minutes and can be used indoors or outdoors. It folds away in a small, lightweight bag.



Risk of strangulation and injury.

Make sure that your swing is no higher than 50cm when in use.

Monitor children at all times.

Disassemble and keep out of children’s reach when not in use.



Hammock surface material: Nylon

Color: Light and dark blue

Size: Unfolded, the area of the material is approximately 260cm x 140cm – Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.



– You will need something strong to hang it from, we bought a heavy duty eye hook from Bunnings (I think that’s what they’re called) and screwed it into one of the beams in our ceiling. You can also put them in door frames if you’re worried about the strength of your ceiling.

Buying two hooks will give you added strength, then you’ll be able to choose how ‘open’ you want your swing to be (as there is a rope and carabiner for each side of the swing).

I’ve seen other shops selling metal bars for hanging swings if you’re worried that hooks aren’t strong enough – you install them inside doorframes (you can probably find them through google).


Package includes:

1 X Hammock

2X Lock Buckles

2 X Connecting Ropes

(you’ll need to get something to hang it from)



Contact me to arrange a time if you’d like to come an collect anything – you’re more than welcome to! (I live in Brooklyn, Wellington).  Best times for pick-ups are before 2pm, or after 4pm on weekdays (though times can differ in the school holidays).

Parachute sensory swing / hammock (two in one) - Blue

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