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This pop-up squirrel is so much fun to squeeze!


This toy is adorable and captivating with a little critter who pops up to say hello every time you squeeze it.


However, I'd like to mention that due to the nature of the material and the fact that the toy relies on air pressure, these toys can break with rough handling as well as wear and tear.

My recommendation is that it's best for people who won't be tempted to chew, pick, stretch, or test the boundaries of the material (because we're all scientists baby!).

Of cause, if you believe you've received a faulty product please do get in touch - we really want to know about it :) 


Size: 6.5cm

Ages: 3 years and up (for older children please use at your discretion)



This toy is for squeezing (not stretching, chewing, picking, or rough play)

The colour of the toy may differ slightly due to different screen lighting.



- If broken, small parts can become choking hazards, not for children under 3 (for older children, please use at your discretion)

- Supervise when in use.

Nutty Squirrel Popper

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