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It can be really hard for children to sit still and remain focused for long periods of time, even more so for children who are neuro-diverse, and for kinetic learners. These wabbly balance cushions are a great resource for the classroom and home to help your little one remain on task. Plus they’re super fun – and who said learning can’t be fun?! (Some guy …. I don’t know).


Wabbly balance cushions are also a great way to help children with sensory processing disorders improve balance and coordination skills and help them alleviate fears of unsteady/uneven surfaces.


Product Details

Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polypropylene (PP)

Dimensions/Size: 32.4cm (L) x 6.9cm (H) x 32.3cm (W)

Maximum weight Capacity: 50kg / 110.2lb.



Assists with balance and coordination

Helps 'fidgety' kids and kenetic learners sit in one place for longer

One smooth side and one massage side

Can help with sensory sensations and keeping focus

Includes pump

Helps teach and develop gross motor skills and imagination


Do not over inflate.


Warning: Do not use product in water. Discard if product is damaged or broken. 



Contact me to arrange a time if you’d like to come and collect anything, you’re more than welcome! (I live in Brooklyn, Wellington).  Best times for pick-ups are before 2pm, or after 4pm on weekdays (though times can differ in the school holidays).

Inflatable wobble cushion with pump

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