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Born to be WILD! – but only until bedtime!!!

weighted blankets provide comfort using deep touch pressure which regulates your child’s nervous system (just like a hug!). weighted blankets for kids offer great sensory input helping your child feel safe and relaxed.



Our Weighted blankets are designed to provide Deep Touch Pressure stimulation that simulates the feeling of being held.

Helping you feel grounded, relaxed and secure – the same way a baby benefits from being swaddled.

Make yourself comfortable and relaxed with our Weighted Blanket.


Key Features:

Warm and breathable fabric

7-Layers of comfort with evenly distributed weight

Adapts to your sleeping posture

Powerful insulation

Quality stitching

Soft and comfortable



Weight: 4.5kg

Cover: Microfiber Polyester

Reserve: Polyester

Filling Material: Polyester and Glass Beads

Dimensions: 102x152cm



Hand wash only

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Air dry only



Not for children under 3 years



Contact me to arrange a time if you’d like to come an collect anything – you’re more than welcome to! (I live in Brooklyn, Wellington).  Best times for pick-ups are before 2pm, or after 4pm on weekdays (though times can differ in the school holidays).

4.5kg sherpa weighted blanket – unisex

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