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We've all heard about having trhe world in your hands ... but what about the moon?!


At the heart of every sensory room are calming sensory lights. For autistic users, autism-friendly lighting in a sensory room can improve a child’s focus and attention to detail while in a fun, relaxing and safe space.


This 10cm 3D moon lamp has 16 colour options and gives a  comfortable glow to any room. It has a USB charger and an energy efficiant LED bulb which remains cool to the touch even after hours of use.


Diameter: 10cm
Charge time: 2-3 hours (but you can use it when it's on the charger)
Light Duration: 8 hours
LED light: 0.5W
Material: PLA
Body Color: White
Control: This moon lamp has 16 colour options that you can choose from. you can switch colours and turn the lamp on and off using the touch button at the bottom, or you can use the remote control.


Package includes:
 1 x Moon night light (with built-in battery)
 1 x Remote (battery included)
 1 x USB charging cable
 1 x Wooden mount
 1 x Instruction manual


3D moon nightlight

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