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Water beads show up in a package dehydrated – they are very tiny! When submerged in water they will eventually expand up to 9-11mm.


When expanded, water beads are like slippery squishy marbles. When dropped back into a bucket or on the floor they bounce! Water beads are extremely calming to run your fingers through, it’s like adding a texture to water.



Soak your desired quantity of water beads in a tub of water for at least 4 hours, or until the pellets have grown to perfect spheres.

Once they're ready, pour the Orbeez into a strainer to remove any excess water, then enjoy playing with them!


Safety (please read, this is important):

Although water beads are non-toxic, they are NOT safe to eat as ingesting them can cause intestinal, and other obstructions (especially if eaten when in a dehydrated state -  I recommend not letting children handle dehydrated pellets at all.)

Water beads can also be a choking hazard and aren't recommended for kids who like to mouth items. Please ensure that children are supervised at all times regardless of their age, and store out of reach of children and animals.


How Do You Store Water Beads?

When wet you can store them in an airtight container.

Another option is to lay them out on a tray (out of reach of children) until they dehydrate and then put them back into a bag.

Always make sure that water beads are stored out of reach of children and animals, and inspect for things like mould before reusing them.


How Do You Dispose of Water Beads?

When you're done playing with water beads and aren’t going to store them you can just put them in the rubbish, or you can crumble them up and add them to the soil of potted plants (the polymer that is used in water beads is also used in a lot of bagged potting soil).



  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Size: 9mm-11mm (After soaking in water)
  • Colour: Mixed colour
  • 120gram pack/approximately 20000Pcs water beads



  • NOT for children under 3 (for older kids and adults please use at you're own discretion, supervise at all times, store out of reach of children, and make sure that children do not have any access to dehydrated pellets).

20000pcs Water Beads/Orbeez, 9mm-11mm

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